From 3 to 14 December 2018 Poland will host the international Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - UNFCCC COP24. UNFCCC COP24 will be held at the International Congress Centre in Katowice. The facility is located in the heart of the new, revitalized space in the city centre. Poznań International Fair (MTP) will be responsible for the part of the logistical aspects for the event, including: registration and space arrangement, marking the conference area, the construction and the operation of the ICT infrastructure and energy system for the purposes of the event. The plans include arrangement of space with an area of nearly 40.000m2. A part of the event will be the international pavilion, a meeting place, office space and the exhibition of national delegations, presenting solutions in the area of environmental protection, sustainable development and climate change.

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